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Intervention qualified and timely

Send a Request for Technical Assistance

  • Phone support: +39 0721 96 9000
  • Email support: support@autel.it
    important to specify company, brand and your reference contacts 

Customer satisfaction is the key of our success

A qualified staff of analysts, consultants, developers and technicians, joins the client from the analysis phase to the integration with the company management, training and education of staff at headquarters and in the store.

What kind of SERVICE we offer:

  • Multilanguage Support (eng-spa-fra)
  • Mail tracking for logging of incoming messages and outgoing calls via e-mail with the elaboration of specific reports.
  • Help desk phone and / or remote control for the head-office staff and stores.
  • Autel technicians travel on-site all over the world to support store personnel.
  • Chat window between network users.
  • Manual pdf online.
  • Installing the version off line remotely or on-site.

Meet me often:

  • ROOM Video Conference session for analysis and training remotely.
  • Regular meetings with clients to increase the level of collaboration and performance.

Support and Feedback Area:

  • Monday - Friday 09 -13 14:30 to 18:30
  • It is possible to get personalized assistance according to customer needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
years of experience retail software development
Integrations with other management systems made
Reports and graphics processed each year by our customers through BestStore
Users connected from all over the world to our data centers