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Use the programs without installing them

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Start Up

Cloud Computing is a parametric solution which is possible to be integrated into any kind of business. The user has not to do operational processes or simplification of management courses to use it.

Feature 1


Autel managements guarantee centralized databases with unique and always available data. Thanks to Autel the user have reduced business processes and optimized management costs. 


Feature 1


If the user has an Internet access, he is able to check his own data from any kind of devices. 

Feature 1

Safe system

The Cloud computing does not require hardware investments by customers. No local installations are requested.

Cloud Infrastructures:

Our data centers are performed to ensure business continuity 24 hours a day.

Technology platforms have been achieved to protect the customers in case of failures.

There are two specular and synchronized data centers which using different Internet backbones to increase the reliability of the system.

Advantages and Specifications

Autel guarantees TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) lowering. Thanks to this process the user is able to get advanced purchase rates, installations, maintenance and disposal of hardware and software. In this way, moreover, it is not necessary to have high-end computers to manage "cloud applications". Autel prefers to use “thin client concept” and computer is nothing more than a terminal evolved from where the user can access the online cloud services (programs run cloud infrastructure and also the data are stored online). As for the software, following this procedure, instead of buying expensive licenses "lifetime" with any support costs / annual update, the company will pay according to the actual use of the same (with updates and support always available).

More flexibility: if the company needs more or fewer resources, Cloud computing allows to upgrade the contract. Do not forget that this process is very difficult if someone has an ownership infrastructure.

No changes at the core business: the company does not need to hire specialized staff which manages this infrastructure because it is moved to cloud system.

Greater Scalability

The management and monitoring system is able to allocate necessary resources if the company asks for new requests.

Accessibility Specifications

All documents are always available online, if the user has an internet connection he is able to work on his own saved documents (document versioning) wherever he wants. He does not need to be at his desk in his office to consult them.


Enhanced security

All data are centralized and it they follow a specific security policy. This system invalidates the possibility of data leakage due to physical theft of computer equipment from the company.

Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning: It depends on the selected company to provide cloud services, but it is possible to get safe from any problems that might arise at the data center

Independence from the devices

Independence from the devices: Every programs and documents are online so the user is not bound to use a particular hardware or a specific network configuration. He can use smartphones, netbooks, laptops or PCs to read and / or edit his documents without worrying about the format in which they were saved.

Innovative Solutions

For over 15 years Autel has chosen CLOUD technology solutions.

A centralized database provides immediately information of all sales, stock, cash and customer profiles to different business figures who can access the data flows wherever there is an internet connection.

Our added value is represented by having unique and always available data. This aspect is able to optimize business processes and management, and, moreover, lowering the cost of system administration. The relocation of the data in a server farm does not need a new software installation or a special hardware requirements.

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