DB Structure

  • 200 characters available to set up vital statistics of products.
  • Access key codes for service providers and for barcode management.
  • Management decoding archive for groups of warehouse.
  • Management of composed models (eg jacket / pants / vest).
  • Codes of statistical reclassification.


  • Business intelligence.
  • The most common business ERPs.
  • EDI Modules
  • Import / export and set up text, Excel, ODBC drivers, and Web Services.
  • Manual load of documents (shipping note or order to the supplier)

User-configurable statistics and print-out generator


  • Best seller
  • Worst seller
  • Analysis of ordered, delivered, sold and stock.
  • Comparative analysis by continent and country.
  • Sales Analysis by age and occupation (configurable based on customer details).
  • Print outs for comparison of individual months for year on year analysis.
  • Print outs for analysis of sales against budget.
  • Net purchased and sold for returns offices.
  • Stock analysis and rotation.
  • Transactions per sales assistant / cashier.
  • Analysis of receipts per operator and quantity value statistics.
  • Summary by type of business: sales, discounts summary, payment mode, gift certificates, returns.
  • Margin analysis.
  • Sales analysis including item photos.
  • Average ticket value.

Form Promotions and Price Lists

Promotions can be associated to:

  • Effective Date for promotional campaigns / events. 
  • Store or warehouse offering the promotion. 
  • Articles or groups of articles. 
  • Reason of movement/transaction. 
  • Customers and customer type. 
  • Promotions for reaching a sales threshold (quantity and / or value). 
  • MxN Promotion.

Management of an unlimited number of lists can be configured:

  • Wizzard is used to automatically change a list or group of lists:
  • Effective Date
  • Reason for moving
  • type of client
  • currency
  • deposit
  • Code or portion of code.

Possible to assign discounts for:

  • Group customer and / or supplier.
  • List type.
  • Specific combination of purchases.
  • Number of articles purchased.
  • Reaching a certain sales amount.


  • Per deposit and / or order. 

  • For articles and category articles. 

  • Sales comparison with previous seasons. 

  • Sales comparison reports / budget. 

Customer Loyalty and marketing activities

  • Unique customer database for data analysis, directional strategies, campaign management and loyalty marketing activities.
  • CRM / Customer relationship management.
  • Nominal card for customer recognition by barcode in the entire network.
  • Generation:
    • Gift Card
    • Management points
    • Fidelity card
    • Issue vouchers for printer or FP90/81
    • Advances Management
    • Bank Statement of customers and points balance
    • Ledger clients and / or combination of all sales per customer
  • Export registration data to CRM:
    • SMS Provider
    • Marketing Firms
    • Data Warehouse
    • E-mail provider – mass email send

Sales support

  • Unlimited and random creation of stock movements (Returns, orders, etc ...).
  • Automatic calculation of the projected orders based on sales data.
  • Document transfer between stores.
  • Creating the stock movement in the warehouse of destination.
  • Management secluded
  • Document check - delivery notes.
  • Sales account management.
  • Management of goods returned and replenishments.
  • Payment by identifying the type of sales (credit card, check, voucher, discount value, etc ...)
  • Management of separate taxation on sales prices (USA, Canada).
  • Manage cashier / clerk.
  • Customize forms with logos and headers.
  • Issue prints from FP 90/81.
  • Waybill.
  • Invoice.
  • Warehouse picking lists (process of locating stock).
  • Order confirmations.
  • Packing list.
  • Duty/tax free.
  • Credit notes.
  • Grouping of sales in a single invoice.
  • Barcode on vouchers.

Payment & Localization / Tax Mode

  • Inserting items – manual entry or using a barcode reader
  • Price changes (only if authorised)
  • Discount entry (only if it authorized)
  • Identification of seller / cashier with barcode or username
  • Display items directly from the ticket taker or display
  • Suspension of sale
  • Payment by identifying the type of sales (credit card, check, voucher, discount value, etc...)
  • Built-in amounts by type of sale
  • Links to most common tax stamp/li>
  • Printing of non-fiscal receipt
  • Document printing

Tax Locations

  • Management of separate taxation on sales prices (U.S., Canada)
  • Management of tax for Greece, Romania, Poland, Portugal

Cash Management

  • Closing cash position.
  • Invoicing.
  • Tax free Management (Global blue online).
  • Managing prices in foreign currency.
  • Management of receipts in foreign currency with calculation of the change in local currency.
  • Built in management options per sales person and / or cashier.

Promotion of stock

  • Estimated average price.
  • Estimated LIFO / FIFO.
  • Warehouse stock movements book.
  • Viewing the LOG for the verification of all stock movements.
  • Enhancement of seasonal after sales services.


  • Staff Monitoring.
  • Traceability of transactions.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing staff.

Customers List

  • Print lists are divided by type, region, age, etc...
  • It is possible to print customized labels for:
    • Item code
    • Barcode
    • Description
    • Price

Image Management

  • Image can be associated with each item.
  • Images can be viewed/consulted during the sale.
  • Association of images during insertion into registry.
  • Automatic digital camera.

Integration with payment system

  • Best Store transfers the amount to be paid to the terminal provided by the bank (POS).
  • A credit card is normally passed without typing the amount
  • Receipt is issued after acceptance by the bank.
  • Each transaction type is associated with a specific type of paper and is then recorded in the Best Store.
  • Summary of all transactions; divided by type.

Add On Modules

  • TAX FREE online with Global Blue.
  • Integration with people’s account devices.
  • Management of the store in DUTY FREE.
  • Connector with the SIMSOL loyalty system.
  • Automatic generation of replenishment proposals: The procedure is based on an analysis of sales performance (Percentage of sold and sellable for a specific period)