Order Entry

  • by videocatalogue.
  • through filters.
  • Barcode.

Video catalogue

  • Combination of one or more images for each item.
  • Consultation gallery during any type of operation.
  • Proposals for graphic combinations.
  • Detailed product data sheets.
  • Download catalogues and brochures.
  • Search for articles / pictures with BARCODE.
  • Custom Catalogues (news flash, promo, agent).

Order Types

  • Order showroom.
  • Order campaign.
  • Campaign Event.
  • Replenishment.
  • Continuous/ongoing order.
  • Order from ready stock (multiwarehouse).
  • Fast Insertion (reading code from file).


  • Suspension of Order.
  • Notification of order anomalies.
  • Duplicate order.
  • Notes for line or order.
  • Mail order confirmation.
  • Insertion of quantities (Show a mini shopping cart).

Box Management

  • Creation of a box for quantities. (Default sizes).
  • Unlimited number of box types.


Through Smart Pop ups or banner ads

  • View promotions by BANNER, pop ups, videos, etc. .. with direct access to the PROMOTIONAL Area.
  • Reporting updates on the lists.
  • Pop-ups.

Chat window

Direct communication with agents and / or users:

  • Remote Support.
  • Direct Mail.
  • Online Manual.


  • validity dates.
  • Type of order and / or customer.
  • By country (value).
  • By size.
  • Ability to create lists for sellers and / or distributors.


  • Sales Statistics by season.
  • Analysis of sales per agent - Budget.
  • Projected Seasonal Sales.
  • Print Csutomer File.
  • Order tracking.
  • Print Order History.
  • Best/Worst Sellers.
  • Graph print outs (comparison of seasonal sales).
  • Distributor order .
  • Reports by commodity class.

Budget form

It allows you to create budgets split by collection agent / client.

The company provides the budget to achieve each season, which is updated every time you insert a new order.

Returns Management Module

The module includes the goods returned by customer / shop including reason for return.

Accepted returned goods has an authorization number assigned and it is attached to the shipment. It is possible to link the program returned goods to reorder ready made fashion. In this way, it is possible to link a returned good to ​​a purchase.

Customer data and accounting

The customer list is parametric and can be organized according to the required specifications. It allows you to view and print the open items and customer credit of customers with a continuous update from HQ. 

Advance orders / order tracking

  • Verification and updates on order status. The information is displayed in the following manner:
    • suspended;
    • pending release from area manager;
    • waiting for quantitative definition. (After sending home the order may be cancelled by the Company and / or the customer. You can activate an interface from a showroom that provides management options for cancelling the situation).
    • waiting for payments;
    • unlocked-sent to HQ
  • View order details.
  • Order history / item history.
  • Order tracking (confirmed, cancelled, shipped).
  • Customization of shipment status updates.